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Welcome to FCA of Utah!

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer run organization.


Our mission is to provide Utahans with the knowledge and tools they need to carry out meaningful, dignified and affordable funerals.


Why do we care? We are hoping that more funerals will reflect the family's deepest values instead of the values of a business industry. This in turn will reduce shame associated with spending less and increase the value of the funeral as a deeply meaningful and cathartic experience.


FCA of Utah is an affiliated member of the national Funeral Consumers Alliance.


#1 Advice: Do NOT automatically hire the mortuary closest to your house.  It is unnecessary.  It is nothing for Funeral Directors to drive.  If you knew you could save $2K by hiring a mortuary one town or one county away wouldn't you do it?


Utah Funerals In The News

KSL channel 5 news Consumer News piece "How to get the best deal when paying for a funeral" by Bill Gephardt.  It's a 5 min video with Funeral Consumer's Alliance of Utah getting a starring role!


KUTV channel 2 news  The article below the broadcast on Nov 17th 2013 reported that the families of two teens who died in South Jordan recently are in need of donations to pay for the funerals.  FCA of UT reaches out to young families to tell them a funeral don't have to cost so much.


ABC channel 4 news story On Oct 6th 2013 the news reported that a Bountiful family bought a $14K funeral 10 yrs ago and are now begging on the streets in order to finish paying the last $900 so they can get a memorial stone placed.


SL Tribune This article mentioned Funeral Consumers Alliance of Utah on Oct 3rd 2013.


An ABC News story reported Oct 2nd 2013 that the body of an Ogden man that died of a brain disease was refused by several funeral homes because the funeral directors were afraid.


These stories reconfirm FCA is needed in Utah!


Message from the President

The following may address your fears about someone caring for their own dead without a funeral director.

1) Utahans have the lawful right NOT to hire a funeral director, or if they desire, to only hire and FD for just part of the work.

2) Dead bodies don’t harbor dangerous bacteria.  Typical disease dies with the death of the body. If you could care for a person before death then be assured that death has only made any risk decrease.

3) There's no need to spend thousands of dollars over the possibility of leaking bodily fluids. If it happens at all it's very minimal. What worked before death for that works after death as well.

4) You have 24hrs BEFORE the law requires the body be kept cold. Refrigeration at home is often accomplished using carefully placed dry ice or Techni-ice around the body.

5) If you handle a loved one’s body in a modest way BEFORE death, you certainly know how to do so after death too.  There's no need for embarrassment.

6) If you own or can rent a van, SUV or truck and you know how to run a meeting then there is little reason to hire a funeral director for transportation or a funeral, memorial or graveside ceremony.


I wrote this because of seeing well-meaning people sabotage themselves or others out of fear.

Hopefully this begins to assure you of your ability, or your neighbor's ability, to exercise the right to a frugal and fulfilling final goodbye.



                               Joyce Mitchell






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